22nd February 2017

Case Studies

This patient, attended to the practice complaining of a loose baby tooth. The adult tooth had never developed (this happens in 1-5% of people). Over time, the root of the tooth had shrunk and it was now wobbling.

After discussing all the options, we decided to place a dental implant. Straight after this, a temporary tooth was immediately attached to the implant, to give the patient a ‘fixed tooth in a day’. This saved the need for any uncomfortable dentures.

3 months later, we attached the final crown, with excellent results!

At Smile Implants London, we offer single tooth dental implants, multiple teeth in implants, all on 4 and teeth in day covering the Lewisham, Blackheath, Lee and Greenwich areas and the rest of London


When someone loses their teeth, it does not only affect the ability to chew properly but can affect one’s self-confidence, whilst smiling. Often a patient will attend the dental practice not being able to smile properly, or holding a hand over their mouth.

It is important that if a patient would like to get these missing teeth replaced, they should discuss all the options with their dentist. The best way to get fixed teeth (that are as close to natural teeth as possible) is with dental implants. The implant dentist at Belmont Park Dental Care, Dr Rumit Desai, discusses a recent case:

Mr G. attended the dental practice in mid 2015, complaining of a loose bridge on his front teeth that was fitted 15 years ago. Examination revealed that the teeth supporting the bridge had broken to gum level and thus the bridge could not be saved.

After discussing all the options, Mr G. decided he wanted dental implants (because they are fixed) placed. The broken teeth were easily removed and a removable denture was placed. Mr G. did not like the removable denture, as he found it was bulky and plastic. However, he wore it for 3 months whilst the bone healed.

3 months later, a full examination and x-rays were taken to confirm the bone had healed and there was adequate space to place dental implants.

Three dental implants were placed painlessly in the top jaw under local anesthetic. After a further 10 weeks for the implant to heal with the bone, fixed teeth were made by the laboratory and fitted into the dental implants.