If you have several missing teeth, you have two options for teeth replacement, dentures, or an implant supported bridge.


Step 1 – Teeth can be lost due to gum disease, decayed or broken teeth and failed root canals.implant






Step 2 – 2 to 4 dental implants can be placed in the mouth to support a multiple tooth bridge.






Step 3- After a period of healing, a custom bridge is attached to the dental implants. The bridge functions and looks like natural teeth. Often, a bridge can be placed at the same time as the dent
al implants (“teeth in a day”).




Step 4 – After the bridge is fitted, it can be used like natural teeth, If maintained well, the imimplantplant retained bridge can last for many years.






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Example of a front 4 tooth bridge supported by 2 dental implants:






Case by Dr. Rumit Desai