Dental Implants – most accurate placement using a 3D printed guide

The most accurate way of placing dental implants in the mouth, utilises the exciting, modern technology of 3-dimensional planning and printing.

The below case was performed by Dr. Rumit Desai.

This patient presented with a missing lower right molar. After discussing the benefits and risks of all the options, it was agreed that a single dental would be placed.

Moulds and a 3D x-ray (a CBCT scan) were taken in order to plan the optimal position of the dental implant. Using advanced software, scans of the a) moulds and b) 3D X-ray were combined and a ‘virtual’ implant was placed in the correct position (fig.1a and 1b)

dental implants

fig.1a Drill guide with ‘virtual’ implant in placed in correct position. This is then made using a 3D printer to use inside the mouth

rumit desai

fig.1b ‘Virtual’ implant placed using the software in the correct 3D position










After confirming that the ‘virtual’ implant was in the optimised position, it was a transferred to a 3D printer and a custom drill guide was constructed (fig.2)

dental implants

Drill guide made in the 3D printer. The guide utilises the correct position of the ‘virtual’ implant in the software for accurate positioning in the mouth










Using the drill guide, a dental implant was placed in the correct position within the mouth (Fig.3). Fig.4 shows the final crown in situ.


rumit desai


rumit desai dentist

fig 4